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This video is a good representation of a typical hospital birth but not of a natural, normal birth without interference.


Problems I see in this video:

1. When someone should contact their doctor or midwife about going to the hospital.  The three things they stated are not reasons what you would need to move to the hospital.  All three of these things could go on for days without needing move to the hospital even if you plan a hospital birth. 

2. The mother is birthing on her back. This is the worst position to give birth is as it interferes with the normal progression of labor. 

3. Being told how/when to push. You should not need to be instructed on when or how to push unless you are medicated and cannot participate in birthing effectively. 

4. Episiotomy being cut. Episiotomy should be avoided and most often can be.  A tear is preferable and there are many things in normal birth that would prevent an episiotomy.  Conversely there are many things in a westernized birth that can cause the “need” for episiotomy. 

5. Hands on the baby's head as it is coming out.   Ideally your practitioner will be hands off unless there is an emergency.  The baby only needs to be caught not pulled out. 

6. Cutting the cord right after birth. Delayed cord clamping is the best for mom and baby and rarely is it unachievable.  The cord can easily stay attached until after the delivery of the placenta. 

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Nancy Salguiero has been practicing family based, wellness chiropractic since 2003, focusing on prenatal and pediatric care.  She is a childbirth educator and doula and has coached numerous women through their pregnancies and births over the years. You can visit her site at

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