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10 Reasons Why You Should Read To Your Baby

The most important thing that a parent can do is read to their children. In order to help you with this task, I have compiled a list of the 10 reasons why it is so important for you to read to your baby.

Reading helps in the development

Also reading to your baby is a great way to help them develop, read, and get ready for school. Reading with your child will foster a love of reading and improve their vocabulary. It can also help them develop important language skills such as listening and speaking, helping children learn about the world around them. Also it is one of the best parenting skills.

  1. Babies become calm when a parent reads or sings the rhythmic sounds of nursery rhymes or lullabies.
  2. Reading together creates an opportunity for both parent and baby to relax and enjoy some quiet time.
  3. Baby begins to learn new words.
  4. It increases the attachment bond when you spend time together.
  5. Around four months old, babies show interest in board books – including chewing and throwing them.
  6. Teaching them to turn the pages, around 6-9 months, helps them get “reading ready.”
  7. Teaching them to point to the objects in the pictures, around 9-12 months old, is a building block for speech and future conversations.
  8. It can be incorporated into a daily consistent routine, which babies thrive upon, and makes daily life easier for all.
  9. Babies learn to enjoy books because they are modeling fun through reading.
  10. Research shows that even repeated readings of the same book help children develop language skills. So start early and enjoy being your baby’s first reading teacher!

Not Only 10 Reasons Why You Should Read To Your Baby

If you make your own research, you will realize that there are many more reasons why it is important to read to your baby. If you are reading to your baby, it can get them excited about books. They will be able to see the pictures in the book and create their own story. If you spend time reading to your baby, they will start to get excited when they see a book because they know that it is about them. You will also find that your baby becomes more interactive with people. Because they learn how to communicate with others through books. It is also how to get your baby to sleep.

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