What To Eat When Pregnant

Although it’s difficult to believe, I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. It’s true. It feels like I just declared it the other night. I have been feeling great – with all the usual pregnancy symptoms. If you’re curious, I can also confirm that I have a lot more appetite but I am confused about what to eat when pregnant.

Eat healthier when pregnant:

Overall, I have made a conscious effort to eat healthy and exercise during pregnancy. This is mainly because I know better than I do and second, I feel better. While I am not perfect, I still enjoy my occasional pizza and ice cream splurges, but I have tried to be more mindful of my body and make better decisions. It’s almost impossible to do so, because my stomach became very sensitive to certain foods during pregnancy.

I was surprised to see an article about the Best Foods For Pregnancy pop up on my BabyCenter app a few weeks back. Even though I try to eat healthy, there are times when I get hungry and it is hard for me to control my appetite. This list helped me to be more aware of the foods I wanted to eat and to have a better understanding of the benefits to my baby’s growth and health. !

Healthy eating for pregnant:

You know what? These “healthy eating for pregnant” foods are the same as any other “how to eat better” lists you can find all over. We all love the food, but it is nice to have a reminder sent directly to your phone to remind you. You will also find that you are making healthier choices for your baby’s health. Since seeing this list, I must tell you that I started making smoothies every day again. This time, I added Greek yogurt to increase the protein content (it’s on the list!).

As a snack, or as an addition to my lunchtime salad, I have started keeping a few hard-boiled eggs in my refrigerator. For easy salad making, I have cleaned and prepared salad greens that I can store in my produce drawer. Trail mix is something that I keep in my car for snacking. Fruit is easy to get in during the day – hello summer watermelon, cherries! You can use this list and the recipes as inspiration for making better decisions.

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No matter if you are pregnant. Even though I feel awful some days, I find it even worse to eat junk food or eat takeout every night. A smoothie, a piece or fruit, or even a simple dinner of grilled chicken or fish with vegetables are all better options. Let’s face it, I don’t mind splurging on french fries and ice cream cones every once in a while (especially since I’m preggo). I won’t use my pregnancies as an excuse to spend every day on splurges, if you don’t know what I mean.

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