Is Clamato Safe During Pregnancy?

You are pregnant and want tomato juice but instead you see Clamato juice. It contains clams, so is clamato safe  during pregnancy? It is safe to consume clamato juice while pregnant, as long as there are no signs of allergy and the juice has not been left to spoil. Pasteurized clamato juice does not increase the risk of foodborne disease, but it can still contain high levels of sodium, MSG and high fructose Corn Syrup. Let’s see if Clamato juice really is worth it or should we just avoid it altogether.

What is Clamato juice?

Clamato juice combines tomato juice, clam liquid, spices, sugar, MSG, and other ingredients. Mott’s owns this drink. It was created by California farmers in 1969 to make their long, hard days easier. Clamato juice can be found throughout North America, but is most popular in Canada and Mexico. It’s used to make Micheladas (combined beer and vodka) and bloody Caesars. You can also use it in food and drinks, or you can drink it by itself.

Is Clamato juice the exact same thing as tomato juice?

No, it’s a mixture of tomato juice, spices, and clam juice. Tomato juice can be taken by itself.

Is Clamato juice safe during pregnancy?

Yes, but only in moderation. It does contain Vitamins C and A. Some women will either drink virgin bloody Caesars (no alcohol), or straight. If you have never had any problems with clamato juice prior to becoming pregnant, there is no risk of you drinking it during pregnancy. However, there are some dietary restrictions that apply to clamato juice. Here are some things to remember.

  • Heartburn: Many pregnant women feel heartburn from tomatoes or high-acid foods like sauces, ketchup, and sauces then avoid excessive acidic intake.
  • Sodium Clamato juice has between 790-820mg sodium per 8 oz. serving. You can either drink half the amount of sodium or choose low sodium. Talk to your doctor.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup: This is found in many processed foods. There have been some because it may cause the “Chinese Food Syndrome” where you eat until you feel full and then eat again a bit later.

Contact your doctor immediately if you have any symptoms of MSG during pregnancy:

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  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Flushing
  • Sweating
  • Chest pain
  • Clam broth Generally, pregnant women should not eat raw seafood. This juice contains clam broth. It is pasteurized and cooked so it should be safe. You can ask your doctor if you have any concerns or stop drinking it.
  • Tomatophagia – If you feel a craving for tomatoes, this could indicate tomatophagia. This could also be an indication of iron-deficiency. It’s quite common. If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help you make changes to your diet and provide the nutrition you require. There are many foods that contain the same nutrients as tomatoes, even if there isn’t an underlying condition.

Anemia can occur during pregnancy.

    • Exhaustion
    • Weakness
    • Pale skin
    • Cold feet and hands

Is clamato safe during pregnancy because it can cause food poisoning

There is no evidence to suggest that clamato juice has an inherent risk of food poisoning. But clamato juice can spoil so you need to make sure you don’t drink anything left out. Check with your doctor before you consume Clamato juice and always be sure to:

  • Pay attention to the label, especially if you have an allergy or are feeling nauseated.
  • Verify the expiration date.
  • If it has been left out, don’t drink it.
  • Throw it out if in doubt

Pregnant women can try other options to Clamato juice

There are alternatives if you are unsure or your doctor has advised against Clamato juice.

  • V8 juice can be used as an alternative. It is also packed with tomatoes juice. You can even mix it with fruits. These are loaded with vitamins and minerals that will satisfy your hunger pangs. Plain tomato juice is also available.
  • Low sodium juice is healthier but still delicious. Low sodium options are available for V8, Clamato and other brands.
  • Make home made juice. Homemade Clamato is also possible. There are also recipes that can be used to make plain tomato juice and vegetable juice. Make sure that everything is thoroughly cooked and washed.

This drink can be beneficial to your pregnancy if consumed in moderation. Make sure to read the label carefully and consult your doctor if you have any clamato safe during pregnancy

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