Facts About Tea that May Surprise You

Coffee dominates morning coffee scrambles, according to the drive-thru line at our local coffee shop, which runs up the block and out onto the street every morning. But tea is actually better than coffee around the world. These are just a few facts about tea that may surprise you:

Facts About Tea:

The most commonly consumed beverage in the world.

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water. The U.K., Turkey, China and China have the largest tea-drinking populations. Half of Americans consume tea on a given day. However, the majority are consuming it as iced.

Tea Is Good For The Heart

It is a healthy drink for the heart. A popular brand of tea was approved by the FDA to include a health claim for plain black and green teas that says, “Can Help Support Heart Health.” Tea is rich in natural plant compounds, which are proven to be beneficial for your heart health. Studies have shown that tea drinkers have lower rates of cardiovascular disease.

Tea Has No Calories

It is basically calorie-free. Plain tea has just a few calories per cup, and no sugar. However, what you add can alter that. Medium sweet tea and large iced matcha lattes from fast-food restaurants each contain approximately 7 teaspoons of sugar. The American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of 6-9 teaspoons. All of it comes from one plant. Although the teas may have different tastes and appearances, all true teas are made from Camellia sinensis plants. Different processing methods are used to create the different varieties of tea, including black, white, oolong and green. Black tea is made from tea leaves that have been exposed to the air for longer than green tea (called oxidation). On the other hand herbal teas are not made from this plant. They are infusions made from different plants.

Tea Is Hydrating

It is just as hydrating. It is possible that you have heard that caffeine-containing beverages don’t count when it comes to hydration. This is not true. Tea is 99 percent water. Therefore, tea’s hydrating properties offset any diuretic effects.

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Facts About Tea:  Potential Health Benefits

It has the same healthy compounds found in broccoli. Flavonoids, which are naturally occurring plant compounds, have potential health benefits. Foods like grapes, berries and broccoli all contain them. Tea is a rich source. A USDA database shows that 1 cup black tea contains 170 mgs of flavonoids while 1 cup broccoli contains about 3 mgs. Sometimes, it’s topped with cream cheese. Bubble tea is still very popular. Is bubble tea bad for you? The latest trend in tea making is cheese tea. This is made with milk, cream cheese and whipped cream. It doesn’t compete with regular tea, but it could make for a delicious dessert!

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